Personal Services: Connection Processes

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Admin Web Server initiating a connection with Node…


Process contained in first part of


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However Encrypt for is at the start of
AuthAdmin does both the process for NodeAdmin and ServerAdmin.


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At the end of this stage NodeAdmin knows the Nodeit has connected to has matched the public key, but the Node has not authenticated NodeAdmin.

Admin Web Server upgrade connection with Node to NodeAdmin


XMLProtocol controls auth of user.…
It holds a list of authroized users and their public keys.
All users in the settings file have their public keys added. Connection manager is where this is set up

  1. m_comms = new ConnectionManager(m_InitConnPro,m_serverSettings.getM_ListenPort(),null,m_serverSettings.getM_Users(),false,m_serverSettings.getM_serverPrivateKey(),;)

Node Outbound sending message to Node Inbound


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