About this site

This website is the web presence of Robert Metcalf. I am a development lead specializing in integration development. I am continually learning and I use this site to support my various spare time learning projects by writing blog posts to help me arrange my thoughts and rough content (a kind of online notebook) for tips, tricks and processes I need to remember. (The rough content is useful to no one apart from me).

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My Interests: (The following is stuff I do for fun and am always looking to learn more about)

• Development quality and best practice, Software Craftsmanship, Extreme programming
• Docker containers and swarm mode. Both for development and running production systems
• Non-relational databases focusing on Cassandra
• Functional programming and maximising my Clojure exposure
• Raspberry Pi’s and its millions of uses (Retro gaming, cluster hat) – I own more than 10 of these
• Very (very) basic electronics – I have soldiered some stuff to Raspberry Pi’s.
• Learning more about Linux (i3 window manager, etc.)
• Chromebooks
• Skiing (although nothing about Skiing appears on this site!)