Quasar Notes

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Quasar Notes


  1. sudo npm install -g quasar-cli

Create your first App

create starter boilerplate folder

  1. quasar init <folder name>
  2. cd <folder name>
  3. sudo npm install

Start a development server of your first App, equipped with hot reload:

  1. $ quasar dev [theme]
  2. # start with 'mat' theme
  3. quasar dev
  4. # or
  5. quasar dev mat
  6. # start with 'ios' theme
  7. quasar dev ios

get available Component templates

$ quasar new -l
$ quasar new --list

generate .vue file from a Component template

$ quasar new component Hello

generate .vue file from a template to a subfolder

$ quasar new layout layout/about/help/Hello

the above creates src/components/layout/about/help/Hello.vue

vuex install:
sudo npm install vueex

resourse retuired
sudo npm install axios

npm install --save vuex axios

Update Quasar

  1. npm install --save quasar-framework@latest
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