Deploying new OA Framework Page

Submitted by code_admin on Fri, 07/13/2018 - 09:39

Upload dir structure to $JAVA_TOP

Make file dir executable

On the target do the following (Replace XXGC with your company identifier)

  1. cd $JAVA_TOP
  2. cd XXGC
  3. chmod -Rv 755 *

Load the jpx defiintions into the Instance

Copy a file from local machine JDEV_USER_HOME**PROJECT_NAME**.jpx to $XXGC_TOP/java
Load this into the database by doing the following in putty:

  1. java $XXGC_TOP/java/audit.jpx -username APPS -password xxx -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)( (CONNECT_DATA= (SID=SUPPORT)))"

Test previous Step
There is a utility to inspect the MDS Repository content in the database. You can run it to list the contents of the repository. Run the following in SQL*Plus.

  1. declare
  2. begin
  3. JDR_UTILS.listContents('/',true);
  4. end;

This will list everything. You can test the previous step worked by just listing the xxgc content.

  1. declare
  2. begin
  3. JDR_UTILS.listContents('/xxgc/',true);
  4. end;

Another way to test:

  1. declare
  2. begin
  3.     jdr_utils.printDocument('/xxgc/oracle/apps/xxgc/audit/webui/ChkSumViewPG');    
  4. end;

Finally if you have uploaded stuff in the wrong place:

  1. declare
  2. begin
  3.     JDR_UTILS.deleteDocument('/xxgc/oracle/apps/xxgc/webui/ChkMainViewPG');
  4.     JDR_UTILS.deleteDocument('/xxgc/oracle/apps/xxgc/webui/ChkSumViewPG');
  5.     JDR_UTILS.deletePackage('/xxgc/oracle/apps/xxgc/webui/');
  6.     commit;
  7. end;

Use XMLImporter to import xml files

Upload all the xml files in your webui directory to $XXGC_TOP/mds/audit/webui (You need to create the audit/webui dir if it dosn't exist)
In putty run the following command for each file:

  1. java $XXGC_TOP/mds/audit/webui/FILE NAME.xml -username APPS -password xx -rootdir $XXGC_TOP/mds/ -rootPackage /xxgc/oracle/apps/xxgc -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)( (CONNECT_DATA= (SID=SUPPORT)))"

Bounce the webserver

Create form function

Multi-Environment deploy script

I have attached a bash deployment script which will deploy a set of pages to mutiple enviroments. (Rename it from .txt to .sh)

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