Codefresh notes

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Configuring my cloud server to use

Generate a codefresh public/private key pair on catness

  1. ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa_codefresh

Setup codefreshrunner user on my server and give it permission to run docker:

Java Package Names Maven Group Names etc

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Project Group Name Artifact ID Packages
Dev Projects **
Java Common RJM_Common2*

Java Common

My Project Notes

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It LJC conference I realised I am not able to remember where some of my main projects are and this page is a reminder page.

Kafka - ????Lost - but inside I have demo002 which has message injection. Must have kafka runner compose file somewhere
I lost the compose file I made but this might do the same.

My Python WebApp Container Template

I am not an expert at building container images, but I do have some experiences. These ‘experiences’ have led me to build containers in a certain way. There are many practices and approaches I use to make the final container easy to use and robust. There are also different types of container that I aim to build. One type of container I need is one that hosts python (flask) based RESTful services and possibly a static web application. I have created a template to produce one of these and I will describe how I use it to create a new container here.

Java Streams

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  1. IntStream.range(0,5).boxed().collect(Collectors.toList()).forEach(i -> System.out.println(String.format("Robert did %d", i)));