Java Streams

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  1. IntStream.range(0,5).boxed().collect(Collectors.toList()).forEach(i -> System.out.println(String.format("Robert did %d", i)));



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Drupal 8

Find version from file:
Look in

  1.   const VERSION = '8.6.1';

Update behind kong - edit update.php to start with:

When suppliers use API's do organizations need to create CDM's?

Note: In this post I use the acronym CDM to mean “Canonical Data Model”.

I might be way behind the curve but I am constantly learning and have recently read up about Lean Software Development. My understanding of this is the principle that all steps/process/practices should be removed where they do not have benefit for the customer. I kind of knew this but hadn't read the formalization of it!

So what about CDM's? It’s a lot of work to create central API’s/CDM’s; can they be cut out?

Docker Client Certs

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My process for setting up client authentication.

I use my Personal Infrastructure CAClientCerts utilities.

Create a new CA

Create a brand new CA. Make it's name match the host of the docker machine to control. Server key can have a password.

Create server Certs

Create the server Certs.

Copy files to server

I put the files in the following locations:

How (and why) I put together my docker based Drupal website fronted by Kong running on a Swarm

My side project for the last two months has been putting together what has ended up being docker based website fronted by Kong. (With a docker image repository thrown in for good measure.) It’s been a bit of an odyssey to be honest. I didn’t start out meaning to create this monster; it was just supposed to be a Drupal site running on docker but as I worked out the development and maintenance processes around it little details made me gradually add complexity. It might be a bit of a monster but it is my monster it works well for me.