Create Encrypted Partition

Submitted by code_admin on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 15:00

Steps to install encrypted partition.

  1. sudo apt-get install gparted

The partition I wanted to resize was mounted so gparted wouldn't resize it.
I rebooted into windows and used windows disk management to resize it, but this also couldn't resize it.
I rebooted into Ubuntu Live but gparted here couldn't see the drive (Not on drop down)
I ran a terminal and ran the command:

  1. fdisk -l

I can see my drive

  1. df -h

It was not listed so not mounted
So I tried

  1. sudo gparted /dev/nvmee0n1

and gparted launched

Use gparted to reduce linux ext4 disk by 20Gb (19073 Mib)
(on my PC this left 568781 Mib remaining as the linux partition)

I restarted to ensure that ubuntu still worked with smaller partition. It did :)


  1. sudo apt-get install cryptsetup
  2. sudo modprobe dm_crypt

I now launched disks in normal environment and I had unallocated space to create the encrypted partition.

It is mounted at /media/robert/Encrypted


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