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I have some misc processes I use with the Cluster Hat cluster I created and I wanted to document them here so I don't have to go through my entire tutorial series to find the relevant commands:

Rebuild a dead Pi Zero


Redistribute a docker image

Most of the command examples here are for my apache image.
Delete all the old versions of the image from controller using docker rmi xxx

Once this is done build a new image:

  1. cd ~/dockerbuild/apachepi
  2. docker build -t .

Test the image locally:

  1. docker run --name apachepi_container -p 8080:80 -d
  2. docker exec -i -t apachepi_container /bin/bash

Clear out the container created by the test

  1. docker stop apachepi_container && docker rm -v apachepi_container
  1. docker push
  2. cd ~/ansible
  3. ansible-playbook -i ~/ansible/hosts clear_docker_images.yml
  4. ansible-playbook -i ~/ansible/hosts ~/ansible/install_apahcepi.yml

Add a new Raspberry Pi 3 device to the network


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