Oracle Forms Custom Library

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Use name in

  1.         l_assignment_id  := name_in('ASSGT.ASSIGNMENT_ID');
  2.                 --fnd_message.set_string ('Assignment ID (WVR) :- '||to_char(l_assignment_id));
  3.       ;                                                

Process to change custom library

Backup CUSTOM.pll ($AU_TOP/resource)
Download CUSTOM.pll to local machine
Copy to forms builder path (C:\orant\AU_TOPUS\plsql - use regedit to find forms builder path)
Open forms builder 6i (not 10)
Connect to DB (ctrl+j)
Open Custom.pll from forms builder path
Open Program Units
Right click Package Body
PLSQL Editor
Press the compile
Close PLSQL Editor
Program -> Compile -> All (OK) - Check this works
File -> Save
Quit Forms Builder
Transfer CUSTOM.pll from forms builder path to $AU_TOP/resource (Where it came from)
delete CUSTOM.plx from this directory
Execute statement: f60gen module=$AU_TOP/resource/CUSTOM.pll userid=apps/mypassword output_file=$AU_TOP/resource/CUSTOM.plx module_type=library compile_all=YES
Test custom .plx exists and is dated today
$AU_TOP/resource/custom.pll seems to be the file to alter

.plx - compiled library
.pll - uncompiled library
Forms will only use a pll when the plx is not there.


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