001 Setting Up JDeveloper for OA Framework

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This tutorial assumes you have the following prerequisites

  • Oracle Applications instance
  • Windows Based PC
  • Shell access to Oracle instance (via putty or similar)
  • Access to My Oracle Support (MOS)
  • Ability to transfer files between the Applications instance and the Windows PC (I use FileZilla)

Step 1 - Find the version of JDeveloper you need

The JDeveloper version you use must match the version on the server. MOS document 416708.1 describes how you can find out which version of JDeveloper you need and it links to the correct patches.

In my case I have OA Framework 12.1.1 so I need to use Patch 8431482 to download JDeveloper.
Note: If you don't see the About This Page link you shuold change the FND: Diagnostics profile option on your instance. (Set it to Y)

Step 2 - Download the patch from MOS

Once you have found the patch you need download this from MOS. In my case the file was called p8431482_R12_GENERIC.zip

Step 3 - Unzip the files

There are three main directories in the downloaded Files

jdevDocContains JDeveloper Documentation. This is a set of HTML pages with a Java search facility.

jdevbinThis contains the JDeveloper executable files

jdevhomeThis contains project related files.

These should be unzipped to a location on your hard disk. I have chosen c:\Oracle\Jdev12_1_1\ for my setup.
Note: As mentioned in the readme file the location you choose should not include spaces. This means you can't use the Program Files folder.

Step 4 - Create Shortcuts

I like to have shortcuts to the relevant places on my desktop so I created shortcuts to the following files:

Note: The last item is a document folder that contains the Jdev project files.
Note: I later decided to move the jdevhome directory to another location. Later on you set up an environment variable to point to it.

Step 5 - Setup the JDeveloper Enviroment

You are not ready to start Jdeveloper yet. Before you do you need to set up your Jdeveloper environment. The steps include:

  • Task 1: Configuring the JDEV_USER_HOME Environment Variable
  • Task 2: Obtaining a Database Connection File
  • Task 3: Creating a Desktop Shortcut to JDeveloper
  • Task 4: Assigning ToolBox Responsibilities
  • Task 5: Launching JDeveloper and Configuring the Database Connection and User
  • Task 6: Configuring the Environment Encoding of JDeveloper
  • Task 7: Test your Setup
  • Skip task 3 as this has already been done
    Instructions for each of the above tasks are included in the jdevdoc directory. To access these you should:

Click the Java Doc shortcut you just created
Click Oracle Application Framework Developer's Guide Release 12.1.1
In the Java menu on the left select: Setting Up Your Development Enviroment (See Picture)
Note: I use firefox but the documentation navigator didn’t work. Switching to Internet Explorer solved the problem.
My notes on specific tasks


Task 2In my enviroment the DBC file was in $FND_TOP/secure (/d01/oracle/VIS/inst/apps/VIS_oracle/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure)

Task 5There is no Project menu despite the fact the instructions repeatadly refer to it. You can find the DBC file setting by double clicking on the project, select Oracle Applications -> Runtime Connection. There is also no Edit Business Components Project.. option. To set each projects connection I double clicked on it and in Project Properties selected Business Componants.

Task 7I could not find the show categories option. However test_fwktutorial.jsp was easy to find. You can right click on it and select run.

Note: In Jdeveloper if you get a lot of errors, the first thing to check is that you have right clicked on the right file to run it. The run option is specific to particular files. (Unlike in C++ and other languages)
When I ran the project I received an error. oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Application: ICX, Message Name: Could not find the specified responsibility. This was caused by the responsibility not being assigned to the user. In the Runtime Connection dialog on the project properties the application short name and responsibility key must match a responsibility assigned to the user.

Using sqlplus on the server I executed a query to find the applications that have the default assigned responsibility

  1. select fa.APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME, fat.APPLICATION_NAME from fnd_application fa inner join fnd_application_tl fat on fa.application_id=fat.application_id where fa.application_id in (
  2.         select APPLICATION_ID from fnd_responsibility where responsibility_key='FWK_TBX_TUTORIAL'
  3. );

The result was

App Short NameApplication Name

ICXOracle iProcurement

AKCommon Modules-AK

I was not able to assign the a responsibility in the AK application to my user

I did notice that Oracle iProcurement was there so I changed the Application Short name in JDeveloper to ICX and everything worked as expected.

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